Writing Should Be Fun 

          Shouldn't it?? 


Pam Robertson here again. Do you like to write? Do you get a little thrill after you hit "send" on a really well written email?

No? Well, you're not alone. A lot of people cannot stand writing, and some of them aren't big on reading either (they tend to go together, I find). Me? I love to write when I have the time to focus on what I'm doing. The first official writing gig for me was in grade six, when my teacher asked me to ghost write a story. I had no idea what he meant, but soon learned that it's a way to write for someone else. And if you're not 12 and in school, you even get paid for it.

I've written a lot since then. You might not have heard, because a lot of it's been written for other people: soft skills training programs; personal growth and development; career growth; marketing, and more marketing; policies and proposals; reports, oh lord the reports! All of that structured, on demand and deadline writing was very good training for me to work my way in to writing as a career track, and making some kind of a living at it. I've been a best-selling author several times (which is no easy task, no matter what the nay-sayers may posit on the subject), and I've been responsible for more than 140 training programs sold and used around the globe. I've flexed my pen to get published as a short story author, a novelist, blogger, and I enjoy helping others do the same.

Just don't steal my purple pen, alright?

I have helped solo operators and small/medium operations to secure a strong presence in marketing and online efforts as people scaled up their careers and businesses. I always do a little "hurrah" when I see my work out in public or in a magazine. That kind of fun just never gets old!

When you're ready for compelling writing, marketing, and telling your story in a way that catches people's attention, call 780-232-0083.