Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully 

When you do business here, you receive a lot of intellectual content whether it’s through email, blogs, articles, audios, podcasts, or whatever else we come up with. As you can imagine, providing you with this information doesn’t really allow for a tangible “return” if you don’t like what you get. Permitting a return in exchange for a refund would be a lot like returning a book to a bookstore after you’ve taken it out of the store. 

However, we also want you to be a happy customer. Someone who is content that they got value for their investment, and that their life or work will be better because of what they bought. So, if you don’t feel like you got what we were promising to deliver we want you to let us know so we can fix it. We feel like it’s reasonable to expect that if you let us know within 14-days of your purchase that you aren’t happy with it, we will reasonably do something about it. 

We’re here to serve, and we respond best to respectful, reasonable requests, and we frankly appreciate it when you refer our great products and services to your friends so they can purchase something that is a good fit for them. So, if something is not working out for you, let us know and we’ll work on it with you. 

Cancellation Policy

If you are unsatisfied with any of our courses, memberships, or programs, please contact us and let us know. You can cancel any of your subscriptions at any time with 30-days notice without issue and you will continue to have access until your purchased time expires (for subscriptions, your payment is due a month in advance; courses are payable prior to starting them.

You’ll note that our programs and memberships are typically offered as packages, and these packages will likely change from time to time. Whatever you select right now is what you will receive. In the future, we may offer things for teams or groups or individuals, with a few special treats and desserts for few more dollars or euros, etc. You’ll never get less than we promised, but you may have an opportunity to change your subscription and get more when we develop something really cool. We won’t increase your fees in any term you are enrolled in, but when your current program or membership expires, we hope you won’t be too put out if gets more expensive.

We’re in business and giving as much as we can for what we charge, but we have to cover the bills, pay our people, and look after ourselves. 
You agree that you’ll pay the defined subscription or membership or program fee and any required taxes in order to get access to the good stuff. If you have a subscription account, we’re going to take the money from your credit card, PayPal account or however you decided to pay as we agreed. If you want to switch accounts, let us know. If your card “bounces” then we’ll contact you and possibly suspend your account until you pay us - that’s only fair, right? We won’t give you your money back after you’ve paid for that month or session or program. If you do run into a serious problem and need to cancel your program, subscription, or membership, it may take us up to ten business days to get all the admin and paperwork done. If you’re accidentally charged again in the meantime, we’ll refund that money and apologize for being slow, but not everything is automated here. This is a people business, and real people are behind the automation and systems and will continue to be the soul of the organization. Sometimes we make mistakes, despite our best efforts not to. We’ll do our best to make it right, and we really are grateful for your patience and grace as we do so.

We’re sorry you’re cancelling your participation, we really are, but we also understand we can’t be a perfect fit for everyone. 

Honestly, we’d love to participate in absolutely everything, and be there for everyone who needs us with some immediacy but we can’t. Our friends and customers now live all over the world, in every time zone, but we all need our sleep. We will have people in our communities, monitoring chat, keeping an eyeball on things and we will delete stuff that’s not a fit to the community, or particularly unpleasant, and we reserve the right not to let you know before we pull it. Honestly, if the message is good enough, we’ll let it stay there. 

Your real remedy, if you don’t like the site or forums or group pages and/or you aren’t finding things useful, is to cancel your account and stay away. We’re really just people who are trying to help, offer useful teaching, some mentorship, information, and build a community of friends. 

Delivery/Shipping Policy

Most of our products are online in nature and are delivered via electronic download, email, participation in online groups, links to hosted videos, and other digital content. If there ever is a time when you don’t receive your product, check your filters and spam storage and the usual places, and if you still don’t see it, just contact us. We’ll make sure you get what you need and have requested.

Data and security

Everything is done to avoid any slowdown or unexpected downtime of the services, but it is not possible to guarantee these slowdowns, or to foresee any downtime. No network or server problem or any other breakdown can be covered under any warranty. No repayment can be considered for any break or stop of services, damage or data loss except perhaps under extreme circumstances where any such outage lasts beyond seven (7) consecutive days, in which case, a prorated refund may be offered at our discretion.

Know that we have several systems set up to ensure security of the content, and these continue to get better and better. 

Use of your personal data

By using our sites and products, you consent that the site uses the personal data which concerns you, and that you have willingly and voluntarily transmitted. This data is necessary so we can contact you about your programs, learning plan, coaching, upcoming events, newsletters, additional site benefits, maintain your account and other mutually agreed upon reasons. By signing up for courses, subscription based services, our forums and associated benefits, you agree and specifically allow us to contact you in this manner unless otherwise specifically notified in writing.

We promise to not sell, rent or otherwise transmit your personal data to third parties without your express prior permission. If you believe your personal information has been transmitted by us or another user to a third party in violation of this agreement, please notify us immediately and we will take action to resolve the matter as quickly as reasonable. Pam Robertson Consulting Inc. and its associated companies, agents, and officers are not responsible for any personal data you have willingly provided in the open forums/groups to others that may or may not be subsequently misused.

We reserve the right to share non-personal, disaggregated information in collective form with third parties, for legitimate statistical, demographic, business white paper, business, research or other purposes only. When we do appeal to third parties in the processing of your personal information, we ensure that they respect laws concerning Privacy and Consent, as well as related confidentiality and security measures.

We might transmit information to third parties in precise circumstances, in particular among others, requests from public authorities, in order to prevent fraud or imminent damages, but also to ensure the security of our network and services.

You can also refuse to provide us personal information and / or refuse the cookies in your browser. However, this will most likely disrupt the functioning of some services or features.

With a simple request, you can access to your personal information, to correct or erase them it in case of mistake.


All PayPal and/or credit card charges will appear as:

Pam Robertson Consulting Inc. 

You may contact us via email using the contact form

or by phone 780-232-0083 (please be courteous and do not make solicitation, sales, or nuisance calls)