Do you like to do things your own way, at your own pace? Are you ready to get something really important, starting right now? 

To start living the life you want, let's talk about how to get you there. My Personal Growth Accelerator is a rapid success program - no matter what your goals are, you will have them articulated, and actionated (I think I just created a new word) in no time! Figure out what you want, why you're going after it, and then spell out the steps for how to get there. There is no fluff in this program (because it's accelerated!) and right now, it's just $297 CDN. Your price includes the self-study workbook PLUS one coaching session with yours truly to kick things off! You'll be on track to getting what you want in no time. 

Feel like you'd like more support? As a member of the program, you can access your personal coach for up to five coaching sessions at just $199 each. I know it might sound crazy, but I am committed to helping people avoid the trap of not being where you need to be. I don't want people to feel okay with being a starving artist, or starving student, or starving entrepreneur...or starving anything.

What's My Story? 

Well you can read my official, cleansed bio over here, but this is the unwashed version.

How did Pam Robertson become who she is today? 

Most of you don't know this, but my life has not been a rosy fairy tale of privilege, money, or good luck. I was a high school drop out and know it all, and a single mom at 19. I went through university as an adult student, racked up massive student loans, and applied for every kind of credit possible. I've been broke, bankrupt, and divorced twice. I've not only been a hot mess, I epitomized it. And yet I now enjoy the benefits of being a respected coach, a best-selling author, a speaker, and a real help to people. I make a great living, get to put money into savings, and I meet and work with the best people ever. People just like you. 

I know that if you want to create the life of your dreams you can do it. Sometimes you just need to be shown how to get there (and if you can avoid some of my mistakes, that'd be okay too).  

Call 780-232-0083 to get started on your Personal Growth Accelerator, or simply click on the buy button. Of course, I have other programs available, different approaches to meet different needs, and I'd be happy to speak with you about them.

Get what you want. Start now!    

Personalized Growth Accelerator 


Get what you want out of life - starting now, and wrapping up in your 30, 60, or 90 day plan.