If not now, when?

Do you know what you stand for? How about what you stand against? 

I stand against the concept that it's okay to starve - I want to end the uncomfortable laughter that comes with the phrase "starving student", or "starving entrepreneur."

Everyone has the capacity to create a future they want; sometimes they just need a little help to get there. If not now, when? 



Here are a few of the nice things that folks have had to say about my speaking, coaching, consulting, and stuff:

"Pam helped me to peel away the minutia and eliminate the distractions; to assess market opportunities with clarity. With clarity came enhanced perspective and the ability to evaluate opportunities much more quickly and with greater confidence." Edmonton, AB

"Pam makes herself available to her clients and the support is endless." Sherwood Park, AB

"This course was top notch." St Mary's University, Halifax, NS

"She created a safe, welcoming environment."  St Mary's University, Halifax, NS

​"This is a skilled, experienced and confident instructor." Acadia University, Sackville, NB

"Excellent presentation - great info and expertise." Workshop participant & school cousellor, Edmonton

"Everything was relevant for me!" Edmonton, AB

"Excellent presenter. Extremely knowledgeable in this area. Good understanding of the pressing issues in health care." Site Manager, BC

"A very engaging and knowledgeable facilitator." Spruce Grove, AB

"Lots of useful information that is transferable to the worksite . A well paced presentation that will help me control costs of lost time. " Kamloops, BC

"Pam's passion and enthusiasm as a coach are contagious. I appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge and experience so freely with everyone she meets and love participating in her vibrant and functional workshops! As a coach, a mentor, facilitator, and friend Pam is dynamite!!!" Fort Saskatchewan, AB

“You are caring, energetic and have the ability to provide great insights and directions for all my career planning steps." Edmonton, AB

"New ideas that I can use! Very well spoken - great presentation." Calgary, AB.

"Your keynote at the end of our Women's Conference really finished a perfect day ...perfectly!"Acadia Valley, AB