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Some of the Ladybird Files coaching services are available in an online format. This helps you access coaching on your schedule, keeps it convenient, and at a pace you want.

However, online coaching is not for everyone. It is an innovative approach to what used to be offered in person, by phone, or by Skype, and it takes a bit of discipline J

If you appreciate:

  • Coaching that fits into your schedule / lifestyle
  • Coaching even when you are on the road
  • Coaching you can participate in over your coffee break or lunch hour
  • Coaching at midnight when the rest of your household is fast asleep
  • Coaching outside of what we used to think of as "usual working hours"

The Ladybird Files online packages have been created for people who have busy lives, full schedules, and yet are committed to making changes and advances – people just like YOU! Online coaching is an enhanced self-study format where you are totally in charge of your schedule but still have a coach who offers you insight, accountability, and someone to “check in” with regularly.

Online coaching allows you the time and space to do things like:

  • Thinking about your answers before providing your coach with a response
  • Writing your answers out in a big paper and pen format, or with markers, or a mindmap
  • Create notes that you can refer to later

Do people like online coaching? Could it be right for you? See what these people have to say about it! 

My schedule is unpredictable and that made it hard to commit to weekly coaching sessions. Working online was ideal for me, and because of the email format I could coordinate things easily with my calendar, and fit it in. I am really glad I did this, because now I actually have control over my schedule, my life, and I can take time out for me!        -Susanna

I was nervous about starting coaching because I can’t stand talking on the phone or over the web, but I am totally comfortable with working through text and email. This was the perfect approach for me!    -Mike

I tried online coaching because I was very motivated to work with Pam and she didn’t have any openings for telephone coaching at the time. I have now completed a series of sessions with her in both formats, and am glad I did. There are benefits of each approach, and my life and work are now totally on track and giving me back what I want.           –Irene

How it works

You can either select a course from our library, or arrange a complimentary 30-minute coaching call with Dr. Pam Robertson where you'll identify your top three objectives and barriers, and she’ll help you decide the best route to achieve your goals. Then, you complete the signup process and send your payment in.

Starting the very next day, and once a week (or once a day for the sped up version) for the duration of your course, you’ll receive an email with a link to your next lesson. 

Depending on the program you select, you might also receive a short video or audio link to help you engage in the material, or you might be asked to answer some questions, or to complete an assessment. What makes this online coaching program different from many others is that we want you to submit your responses, thoughts, and questions and I will ask this of you regularly. You see, our online coaching program is not something you have to do alone (unless you want to, of course), because we don’t believe that learning about yourself and doing all this work totally on your own is really coaching. If you’re looking to do this totally alone, you could probably read a book (Pam’s hopefully). Coaching is about a relationship between you and your coach where you take the lead but have complete support from your coach, as well as an accountability partner who is committed to helping you achieve your dreams, take action, and in your progress, change, and getting to where you want, and your coach supports, encourages, and sometimes provokes you, and you’ll write about your thoughts and feelings and if you want, you will reply on the email and send those thoughts back to your coach.

Although your course is a set number of weeks and you can work through one email as well as you receive your emails from us, we will keep your sign-up open for six months so that you can come back at any time to access the support and resources available. We include this six month element because online coaching is different than an in-person or tele-coaching approach, and you might find you’d like to check back with us about something, access materials again if needed, repeat some of the work to see how far you’ve come, or just email and receive a thoughtful reply. The six months also works if your life gets busy and you need to delay the course for a bit. Sound good? 

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Online COurses

When you're ready to make changes, sometimes you want to start RIGHT NOW! Not when a new semester starts, or an in-person coaching space is available. Our online courses are designed for people to make the most of their own inspiration, and get learning!