The Ladybirds' Kitchen

Welcome to the Kitchen, where Living Inspired Starts!

Part of the Live Inspired mantra is making home a great place to be, and for me that starts in the kitchen! I've added The Ladybirds' Kitchen as a division where people can see that food, families, animals, and lifestyle all come together in a perfectly jumbled mess of fancy crockery, food, and that slight panic that comes with trying to get an entire meal to come together at the same time. As a way to share what I was working on, I have made pots and pots of jam, chutney, cakes, and even studiend culinary and arts and nutrition for a solid approach. 

I'm trying to eat healthier than ever before, without depriving my dinner guests of tastes we like - I know it seems like an oxymoron at times to me too, but it's a work in progress!  

When there are Farmers' Markets, U-Picks, and people with "leftover" garden spoils they are giving away, you won't find us far away, tasting, oohing, aahing, and looking for recipes.