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Pam is adept aT customizing and will do so for your event. 

In addition to coaching and consulting, and delivering the occasional life affirming attitude adjustment when needed, I speak at conferences and events as a keynote speaker, breakout leader, or MC. As a best-selling published author and sought after coach with a sense of humour and presence, I bring my very best so that your team, association, or organization gets what they need, including teaching, inspiring, and empowering. 

Live Inspired! Create the Life of Your Dreams - or at Least Something You'll Be Happy With!

Living life and keeping it all in perspective, managing periods of overwhelm, anxiety, or outright panic is a challenge, and you've probably seen what happens - or felt the effects yourself - when you or someone you care about is unable to cope. Heck, the word "stress" is so common now that even young children know what it means and how to use it.

When you learn to look after your greatest asset - yourself - you can enjoy a life that is everything that you want it to be and it's not uncommon for these health and wellness types of presentations to directly confront managing stress, eating to live instead of living to eat, and tangible, simple steps to living a great, healthy, empowered life. While looking after yourself can be a huge challenge if you are trying to work, play, look after families (your own and others), save for a rainy day, launch a business, or just eat right four days out of seven, the people who tell you to just "get over it" or that it should all be easy are not always able to be helpful. Pam is not just a helper, she is a dynamic go-getter who gets more done than most, and she can share how you can do it too.   

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