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Live Inspired: Designing the Life You WAnt & Wanting THe Life You Design

You’re ready to make some changes and stop other people’s priorities or your own distractions from standing in the way of what you want. In this dynamite eight week course, you’ll explore what you want out of life, where you want to be, and then set up an action plan and take steps to get what you want by taking some simple, easy to implement steps. 

In this course, you’ll spend some time reflecting on what’s important, what you want, learn how to set goals that make sense and fuel your dreams, figure out how to go from where you are at today to how you can easily save some money, make your heart happy, achieve that elusive thing we call balance, and create happiness at home and at work. 

Each week, your email will include a piece of reflection and learning, and an action plan.

We’ll cover: 

00: Welcome  and Details
01: Bonus Email to Get You Thinking
Week 1: Online Coaching Starts With You Defining What You Want
Week 2: The Balance Question – Who Has It, Do I Want it?
Week 3: Making Time for Important Stuff
Week 4: The Money Questions – Spending, Saving, and Savouring
Week 5: That Thing Called Work – Does it Really Make Sense to Follow Your Passion?
02: Bonus Email 
Week 6: Does Focus Really Reap Rewards?
Week 7: What it Means to Exercise “Self-Care” 
Week 8: The Evolution of Self-Help and How it Can Help You - If You Let It
03: Bonus Email Following Up 

When Can I Start?

This course starts when you pay for it. No waiting for a class to fill, and no travelling, or delays! It’s a digital online course delivered by email. Once we receive your payment, you’ll receive a welcome letter, then a bonus email with some things to think about, and a few days later, the first actual course email. You start when you’re ready. If you’re
planning something big but we’ve got a sale going on, buy when that’s on, and start when you want. We’ve made it simple so you can start whenever you are ready.

What if English Isn’t My First Language?

That’s okay. We have students from all over the world. We’ll use Google Translate, and we’ll probably both make some weird mistakes, but it’ll still be fun, and worthwhile!

Sound like fun?

Is This Course For Me?

If you want to make some serious changes, or just take an opportunity to spend some time thinking about what life is all about and how to get what you want out of it, this might be for you. Pam created the course so it’s for anyone from any background and demographic, so you don’t have to ask if it’s good for someone who works in education, or veterinary services. We have loads of people taking courses and they come from everywhere and do everything, as do our personal coaching clients. Will someone who works 40 hours a week benefit? Of
course! Will a stay at home parent benefit? Absolutely! Will a young adult who graduated high school and started college in a business program and hates it benefit? No question!

How Much “Homework” Is There?

There are lessons assigned with each weekly email that you do at your own pace, and that you can share with your coach if you choose to. (By the way, sharing helps keep you on track and to complete the course successfully, so you might want to work that into your commitment.) Lots of people find themselves surprised by life events or work or whatever, and they skip a few weeks but save their emails, and then jump back in when they can. That’s totally okay and we like it, because if you quit halfway through you’re really missing out (not to
mention wasting your money!). You’re not being timed. This course moves at your pace.


Will I Have Access To You, Personally?

Absolutely, because it’s important to people and heck, we love working with people! Honestly though, if you are diving in and doing the work, it can be valuable to have access to a coach who wrote or teaches this material. And if you prefer to go it alone, that's cool too. You might also want a chance to work in person later on, and we offer one on one coaching for that, or you attend a conference or workshop.


Will This Make Me Happy?

No guarantees of that. You make you happy. However, you’ll learn some stuff that you can use to help make yourself happy, and that’s almost as good right? 

Will it Make Me Rich? 

It depends on your definition, but if you are thinking that way, it sounds like it’s time for you to get started with something, doesn’t it? 

Sign Up Now To Get STARTED

This is a brand new online course we’re offering, and so we’re launching
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Are You Ready to Succeed?

These courses are very similar in intensity and results to a non-credit university course (and Pam has taught many of those). They typically cost about $700-$1500, and can require up to three hours of class time and up to ten hours of readings and homework per week. You typically work out of a textbook that may be several years old, whereas here our materials are kept up to date and relevant to our audience.


We're recommending you invest 1-2 hours per week, and that’ll include your reading, reflection, homework, and implementing your action steps (although the action steps can take a bit more depending on the choices you make, right?).

Join us! The investment is reasonable, and your results can be absolutely enormous! The lessons and ideas in this course come from our own experiences, the wisdom and experiences of our coaching clients, and from research and testing into what would best help you to succeed and to reap great business and personal results.

Welcome to Live Inspired.