With Our Digital LIST BUILDER You'll Get: 

  • An Opt-in Landing Page so that your new audience can jump into your sales funnel.
  • A Lead Magnet (also known as a Free Offer or <Effing> Freebie) that will be an irresistible ethical exchange (sometimes called a legal bribe), offering an amazing value from you. This will build your database and bring you leads for your business.
  • An effective 3-week email campaign. We will write the content of your emails for you (customized for your business).
  • Set up lead generation and capture systems specific to your business.

How This Benefits You:

  • This package takes the weight off you as The Ladybird Files Digital Media team will conceptualize, create, and implement the ideal social media ad campaign for you.
  • Your team will monitor and measure what is happening with your campaign throughout, and make any adjustments needed as shifts occur with your campaign.
  • You and your business stand out with a winning social media process as you build your influence online, grow and generate leads for your business.

$999 Set-up 

$1500 first month

$1500 monthly, with 15% reduction when paid

3 months in advance (in blocks of 3 months)

$1497 one time


With our Digital Audit Package you'll get:

  • Up to one hour discovery call so we know what you need
  • Customized social media audit/evaluation
  • Customized website and digital asset review (up to 10 pages or 20 blog posts)
  • Structured social media plan
  • Your specific Facebook ad campaign recommendations
  • A review of up to 10 pages of your website, with recommendations for improvement
  • A follow-up call to see if you have any questions or problems with implementation (up to one hour)

How This Benefits You:

  • Set you on a course to standout with a winning digital plan, including your social media process.
  • Eliminate wasted spending, going off a hunch, or guessing what you need to do.
  • Receive a solid, engaging and effective digital and social media plan that can accelerate your success.
  • Hone in on your perfect audience and define the best way to attract and convert them into customers.

Check out our handy packages below, and call today to get started.

1-780-232-0083 from anywhere in North America, or look up the country code for Canada from where you are, and add 780-232-0083 to the long distance code. 

**Ad campaigns are paid and approved by you in advance and are not included in these prices. 

Digital Advantage Sign

$997 set up 

$2297 per month for up to 4 social channels and posting blog posts you write

Digital media is constantly evolving, and so are we at The Ladybird Files. In fact, we challenge anyone who says they are a digital or social media expert or a guru, seriously. However, we do know that we can master certain skills and then be flexible in our learning so that we keep our customers ahead in the digital space. And, when it comes to people who have hesitation about being online or automating their processes, we dig in for a longer conversation. For you, we want to get results, and by gum, we do. 

Being the best at what we do means that you get the conversions you want, including:

  • targeted traffic to your website
  • people through your door if you have a storefront or office 
  • increased phone calls or online orders, depending on your business

We start be reviewing your website and digital presence including your SEO, social media, email marketing, and all your marketing activity. 

We've helped clients to:

  • increase their leads, from nothing to something (literally from 0-5000 and beyond)
  • convert leads to customers and fill coaching, training, and consulting practices, sell to retail customers, and more 
  • make Facebook marketing easier
  • build an email list from scratch, creating a pool of leads for you to take action on in your marketing plan. 
Digital Engagement Sign

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Brilliant. Be Online. 

$2297 per month on a 3-month


With our Digital Advantage Package you'll get:

  • Initial consultation (up to 60 minutes) 
  • 15 dedicated hours per month for research, strategy, ad creative, and monitoring
  • Weekly report and consultation up to 30 minutes
  • Customized social and digital media audit and evaluation
  • Comprehensive digital media plan
  • Specific Facebook Ad campaign design

Benefits to you and your business:

  • We take care of everything for you and you have The Ladybird Files team at your service.
  • You and your business stand out with a winning social and digital media plan.
  • Eliminates you having to learn everything about your websites and social media
  • Solid, engaging, and effective program to accelerate your success
  • Define your ideal audience, and know where they are
  • Create custom Facebook ad campaigns and help you convert browsers into customers
  • We operate from a customized digital media calendar created specifically for your business to make sure your plan stays on track and is optimized for your specific goals.

Getting Your Business Noticed
​ Online Just Got Easier! 

Digital Audit Sign

With Our Digital Engagement Package You'll Get: 

  • Custom Ad campaign created for you. Includes, research, creation of a 3 week ad campaign, building of your ad, Facebook ad budget recommendations and campaign evaluation/measurement
  • Customized social media audit/evaluation
  • Structured social media plan
  • Our specific Facebook ad campaign recommendations
  • Social media strategy calendar blueprint
  • On boarding strategy session to fine tune your objectives (up to 60 min.)

How This Benefits You:

  • This package takes the weight off you as The Ladybird Files Digital Team will conceptualize, create, and implement the ideal ad campaign for you.
  • Make any necessary course corrections as shifts occur with your campaign.
  • You’ll stand out with a winning social media presence.
  • Digital Engagement eliminates the uncertainty surrounding ad spending and the waste associated with poor campaign research.
  • Align your objectives with your defined audience and get them to pay attention to you.
  • We’ll implement the customized social media calendar we create for you, allowing us to optimize your ad effectiveness.