Are you stuck in a rut? Overwhelmed or exhausted? Anxious or depressed?

I've been there too (sometimes I still visit). I have something that can help. My programs and coaching help to eliminate the notion that life is something to tolerate, and help build lives to celebrate. New jobs, supercharged businesses, better communication. I've helped people from all backgrounds, ambitions, and motivations. 

I challenge people to Live Inspired, and to lead Inspired Businesses. 

Want to start a new job, shift your career into high gear, or learn how to speak with your family about what's important? Look at 
Live Inspired. Ready to start a business, or supercharge your current company? Check out Inspired Business. 

Are you ready to have some fun and make some changes? 

 Contact me now, and let's get started!

Coaching and counselling 

Experience You Can Trust 

I've been working with people in transition for over twenty years, and I've been through some doozies myself. It's how I can turn what I've learned, coupled with a doctorate in multi-disciplinary studies (career development), a master's degree in counselling, and a teaching degree, into programs that help people get what they want out of life. 

Change is Hard 

If doing this stuff was easy, everyone would do it because let's face it...who doesn't want to enjoy their life?! Stop putting up with things, or tolerating the things that bug you. Work with a coach who "gets you" and also has the ability to deliver messages and support that you need. 

Together We'll Create a Program That Works For You

Look, I know there are plenty of programs out there, and plenty of coaches you could work with. Find the one that resonates with you, and then jump into your program ready to do the work, and ready to take action. If we start to work together and find out we aren't a great fit (which has only happened once, but still), my team will help you find the right coach through our extensive network. Whether you prefer to work over the phone, online, kick things off or wrap up with a retreat in the mountains, or you live in the local area, let's connect and get things moving! 

Live Inspired