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Pam Robertson here, and I have a few questions for you. Hard questions, like:

Is your career in the toilet?  Did you think that by this point in your life you'd be somewhere really different than you are? Are you a workplace leader having trouble connecting with your team? Are angst and anxiety interfering with your success?

I've been there. After my second divorce, third university degree, job loss and bankruptcy, I threw everything in the back of my car and moved 3000 kilometres from my beautiful ocean city. My motivation was shot, and my nerves were shot. 

Lucky for me, the technology to rebuild and reinvent was literally at my fingertips. I am faster, stronger, and happier than ever. I am "clear," and I got here by using REGROUP, a simple system for getting life on track, and for figuring things out. 


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REGROUP is a great program to help you take stock of where your're at, and make adjustments to get what you want out of life. Why? Because you might not be able to eliminate stress, anxiety, or angst completely, but there are some simple things we can do to manage better. When we regroup and manage better, our lives, work, relationships, and self worth all improve.

It took me a lot more work and effort than I though it would to establish a rewarding career, be the best parent I could, and carve out some peace and quiet for myself. As I developed the concepts of REGROUP by using science, technology, and a lot of self development I realized that this simple system needed to be shared.

You can use REGROUP to:

1. Recognize

2. Educate

3. Get fancy

4. Revise

5. Own

6. Underscore

7. Pen  

To learn more about REGROUP, reach out to me through the contact page (serious inquiries only, natch).